5. November 2022 20:00
Bebop Konzert // The Irrational Library // Bad Weed
5. November 2022 // 20:30 Uhr
Asta Kneipe Rosenheim
The Irrational Library (Spoken Soul Punk Poetry, Haarlem)
Goodtimerocknrollspokensoulboogieforyourbrainsfunkedupfreedompartyprotestmusic, Alright! The Irrational Library – a full frontal force of spoken word poetry and hip shaking, bootie quaking, bad ass musical bump to your cerebral lump. Fighting the good fight and having a great time doing it. Lifting you up as we all get down. Featuring Tom de Haan on baritone sax and guitar, multitalent musical wizard Mishal Zeera on bass, percussion prodigy Lars van der Weiden on drums and the spoken word wisdom of Joshua Baumgarten. The Irrational Library, where the MC5 and Gil Scott-Heron come together and take it back to the streets, so come on out and join the block party.
Bad Weed (Powerpop- Punk, Wien)
Bad Weed crafts infectious power pop with a heavy dose of early UK sound in their veins, a must listen for all fans whose hearts beat beat out faster at the mention of the Buzzcocks, Exploding Hearts, or the Nerves. But not only scene connoisseurs will get their money’s worth – with their turbo charged high energy power pop, this Vienna trio have a flair for first-rate melodies and harmonies. Their blitz pop puts song structures from the Shangri-La’s by way of Alex Chilton with a dash of GG Allin through a meat grinder, layered with lyrics about the personal and collective alienation of our times, resulting in a catchy version of modern garage punk.